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Our Services

We provide the following services:
  • PC and MAC repairs – both hardware and software
  • Speed up slow computers
  • Resolve computer errors
  • Set up new computers, printers and network equipment such as routers and wireless extenders
  • Transfer data from one computer to another (to new computers too)
  • Recover lost data (please stop using your computer and call ASAP 928-649-3032 so we can advise you over the phone)
  • Wired and wireless network setup and repair
  • Replace broken LCD screens and any other part in laptops
  • Fix laptop dc jack issues when the computer won’t charge or you have to jiggle the adapter
  • Sell new towers, servers, and networking components
  • We help you at home and/or your small business with single or multiple locations and up to 25 users at each location
  • We can also provide remote assistance if you can get on the Internet
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE ARE YOUR TRANSLATORS – if you do not understand something tech, we will help you to understand it

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