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Please note these are cash discount rates; credit card rates may be somewhat higher:

On-Site Computer Repair Rates

NOTE: We generally resolve most issues within one hour (OR LESS) per computer; there is a one hour billing minimum and billed per quarter-hour thereafter (if we are there for 1.25 hours we only bill for 1.25 hours). There is NO TRAVEL CHARGE in our service area AND we resolve issues QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY. The charges you see are what you pay.
  • Home/Home Office: $80/Hour
  • Small Business: $100/Hour
  • Individualized Computer Training – general Windows and other programs: $80/Hour
  • Individualized Computer Training – in-depth training on specific programs: $100/Hour
  • NOTE: THE FOLLOWING FLAT RATE REPAIRS REQUIRE US TO TEMPORARILY REMOVE THE EQUIPMENT FROM YOUR POSSESSION – this is how we are able to give better rates – we don’t have to watch your computer the entire time it is working on its own – Re-installation packages include up to 30 minutes onsite for printer/scanner installation, internet connection hookup, and software installation if needed. Additional time onsite is billable past 30 minutes in 15 minute increments at the normal hourly rates:
  • R&R: Reformat and Reinstall Operating System, without saving your data Windows: $199 Mac: $249 (if Recovery Disk/Partition is available) includes FREE pickup and delivery, update Windows or Mac OS, install FREE anti-virus for Windows from Microsoft, connect your printer and/or scanner, and verify Internet connectivity. We will also install Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Quicken, and certain other programs for no additional charge IF you have the media and/or product keys, and or login info to install your properly licensed software.
  • R&R+D: Reformat & Reinstall w/ Data Save. where we save your data first, restore the computer, and then restore your data: Windows: $249 Mac: $349
  • Recovery Disk Sets if needed: $20-$40
  • Data Recovery (When we are not able to copy data from your hard drive normally – this includes data permissions issues and file system issues): $90 to $1000, depending on complexity of project and amount of data
  • Hardware Repairs: Estimates provided per project
  • Remote Repair:

    $60 minimum for up to 30 minutes, $80/Hour thereafter billed per quarter-hour (Annual unlimited remote repair contracts are also available)

    On-Site Networking Rates:

  • Home/Home Office: $80/Hour
  • Small Business: $100/Hour

Please note:

We will not travel to your location solely to perform a computer repair estimate; estimates are provided at no charge over the phone if we have enough information to provide one. Traveling takes resources on our part that may not be recouped if we are only asked to provide an estimate on location. In the case of hardware failure or other hardware issues, we will provide a good-faith estimate to our best ability on the phone and help you determine if it will be worth the repair.

If we make the trip to your location, we plan on coming out to repair or fix the problem(s). If at that time you decide you do not want to fix the computer (hardware cost makes it not worth repairing for example) we will ask if you need any data saved or if you have any other work for us. If there is nothing we can do for you, there will still be a minimum one hour charge for diagnostics for the trip.

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